Family Emcee vs. Professional Emcee

November 11, 2015



So your wedding is coming up, and you have everything in place.  You’ve got your DJ, but who’s going to conduct the evening for you and your guests?  MC’s are quintessential to setting the tone, energy, and structure of your event.   MC’s should also provide a sense of comfort knowing that your reception will flow smoothly to get through every planned event, the celebration and dance floor.  Most couples struggle with finding a proper MC for their weddings because frankly, MC’s are not as common to find as DJ’s.  MC’s can really engage your audience, before and after the dance floor starts, but it takes a special MC to do so.  This is why there is a BIG difference between hiring a Professional MC and asking a friend or family member for a favor.  Understandably, you want to have a GREAT time, but you also want to save as much money as possible.  Since we have done this a time or two, here are a few things to consider:



Your friends and family will be thankful

Let’s be real, your guests just want to have fun. Most friends and family members aren’t completely comfortable speaking in front of large crowds, especially when there’s a timeline to follow, various vendors to work with, and special instructions for some of the elements happening. So  let them chill out, party and drink with everyone else at the reception.


Let the professionals do their job

Ask yourself this, would you employ your friend/family member to run music and DJ your event? More likely you would NOT because you know it takes a special quality and skill set to do that (unless it’s someone who already does it for a living).  The same rules especially apply for your MC.  A reception has a lot of moving parts, as well sometimes, things go wrong like a performances not ready, things running late, or technical issues.  An MC has to know how to react to these surprises and keep the evening going WITHOUT anyone knowing something went wrong.  A family member might not be used to this stress and many times it shows on the microphone. A professional MC understands how everything works and flows and typically can adjust accordingly to keep the night going.


Double the trouble

We have seen couples select two family members to MC but why would you have two people for a one person job?  Would you have two DJ’s? Two wedding planners? Two MCs are completely unnecessary and it tends to waste more time with both MC’s trying to flow and banter with each other, and can completely confuse the atmosphere of what is supposed to be happening.  Double MC’s tend to worry about themselves being funny, and it totally defeats the purpose of why people came in the first place, to celebrate the bride and groom.



Now I know there are many elements to a glorious reception, but remember that the majority of your guests really remember two things:  1) The Food and 2) The PARTY!  The food is typically in place to what you sampled prior to your event, but you can’t sample the party unless you know you are getting someone who knows what they are doing. This is why when you hire a professional, you have one person who knows and can, Do it ALL 😉