Jaime + Steffi | Marriott International | Tampa, FL

November 21, 2015

DoItALL had the distinct pleasure of being flown down south to Tampa, FL, to perform MC and reception services for two amazing people, Jaime and Steffi (aka Ponnu). While Sanu was holding down a wedding back in Chicago, Tim and myself went to show the people of Tampa, Chicago, Boston, Philly, and many other cities, how DoItALL does it. We were in the grand ballroom of the Marriott Tampa International, located directly inside Tampa International Airport.  So let’s just say, location was at convenience level MAX. The weather was beautiful, and cocktail hour was located in the 360 Mezanine restaurant at the top level of the hotel, which had a awe-inspiring panning view of the entire airport and their operations. We had cocktail music playing, while the grand ballroom was finishing getting set up and the remaining guests arrived.


Passed the main lobby, you walk around to the other side of the hotel to the Grand Ballroom where the reception was held. We subcontracted services through the very talented, Indian Islander from the Caribbean’s, Dj Dean (The Boom Champion!). We provided two 4-way powered concert speakers and two powered high amplified subwoofers; no filler speakers were necessary for this room seeing the acoustics spread very well. The room was supplied with about 50 uplights for the Grand Ballroom and the side bar rooms. The room had a gold ambience that filled a very classy glow throughout; with crystal centerpieces that really made the room shine. As family and friends began to fill the room, the bridal party were so encompassed by the energy and love of Jaime and Ponnu, they couldn’t wait to get the night started.  We had the pleasure of working with the talented wedding planners of Naureen Bukhari and her husband on the event and even with Naureen being about 6 months pregnant, they didn’t skip a beat and were amazing to work with. The night ran smoothly as guests were ready for the dance floor, and really showed their anticipation once the dance floor opened.  We had Jaime and Ponnu do their first dance to welcome everyone on the dance floor, surrounding the couple in a sway to glimpse the iconic moment for the bride and groom. Once DJ Dean dropped the first beat, guests of all ages came with an explosion of energy. It didn’t matter where any of the guests came from, everyone came together to really celebrate the night and I don’t think there was a more lively energy in all of Tampa.


By the end of the night, even though I didn’t have Sanu with me to do our organic acapella improv set for Jaime and Steffi, I still wanted to bring the last awaited guests together around the bride and groom one last time. So I gave DJ Dean an instrumental to Cheerleader by Omi and did a personal rendition of the song for Jaime finding his cheerleader in life.   Luckily, the tired guests who stuck to the end only had to walk down the hall to the elevators to their hotel rooms, again.. Convenience level MAX! In all, I was so blessed to have been able to be flown down to Tampa for Jaime and Ponnu and cannot wait for the next Tampa DoItALL event!




Spreading Love,

Shawn Kay