Buffalo Grove High School Homecoming 2015

December 9, 2015

DoItAll loves working school events because kids have the most genuine energy and passion for music! We provided the sounds, lighting, DJ and MC for Buffalo Grove High School’s 900 student “Entertainment Themed” homecoming and we had a blast. With the best sounds and lighting, we transformed this high school gym into a turned up party that was taken to a whole other level.


Homecoming 4Homecoming 3


DJ iLLEST stopped in a week before during the lunch periods to give the students a little taste of what was coming for the dance. This was no ordinary lunch as he first had the students bobbing their hands to their favorite tunes then soon after kids were battling in front of his DJ booth for DoItAll t-shirts and requesting their favorite tracks! Homecoming was no different since we knew exactly what Buffalo Grove wanted to jam to; a little bit of everything.


Homecoming 5Homecoming 6


MC Shawn Kay kept the party hype by letting all the kids know that he was there to party with them, not make them party.  He really listened to what they wanted, and even shifted some of the “too cool for school” attitude some kids were throwing his way to show he really wanted them to have a good time.  Working with DJ iLLest, for the first slow song, they did a classic iLLest Vocals accapella set that the kids have never seen before.  From there, they kept the music high energy and went to many different genres to appeal to all the different styles in the room.  Towards the end of the night, he got all the students to make one big circle in the gym and brought the senior class to the middle.  From there, the two of them dropped ‘Harlem Shake’ and ‘Turn down for what’ which got the kids to cave together in the middle and really get WILD! When lights finally came on at the end, the kids left the gym smiling, sweating, and asking for more.  Even the staff at BGHS had complete trust that the DoItALL crew could handle the event that they didn’t need to oversee and chaperone what was happening from the stage the whole night.  The night was relaxed and full of energy, which made it another successful ‘DoItALL party’.


Homecoming 7


Until next time.. We can’t wait to be there for another great PARTY! Thank you Buffalo Grove High School! Go Bison!