Is a destination wedding for us?

January 22, 2016

I figured I would start this series off with this question. Once you start thinking about a possible date, you and your fiancé will start talking about where you want to get married. A destination wedding can range from jet setting to a beautiful island or keeping it local in the states.  Don’t get me wrong, destination weddings aren’t for everyone but there are some great reasons why they can be the right choice:


  1. It’s all about the location

This is my favorite part because now is your time to finally make your dreams a reality and choose exactly where you want your wedding to be. It might be somewhere you two love to visit or you just want that picturesque beach experience. It’s up to you! When you get married in a different location you are able to dive into the culture and really experience what this city or country has to offer and tailor your wedding around these unique features. Sanu and I chose New Orleans because we love the live music, southern delicious food and laid-back “anything goes” type of mentality. All of these things just make sense for our personalities and interests: We both love food, music and having a good time. We knew this would be the perfect spot to get all of our families and friends together to celebrate this huge milestone in our relationship!


Our Venture Travel destination wedding

  1. A vacation with all of your favorite people!

Since I have lived in a couple of different cities and we have family and friends all over, I have always talked about wanting to going on a huge vacation with all of my favorite people. This is finally it! This is the once in the lifetime opportunity to get all of the important people in both of your lives into one room and enjoy an entire weekend together. Planning multiple days of events really lets everyone meet, mingle and get to know each other which can be hard in big weddings because you usually hang out with people you know. Might as well keep the fun going for longer than one day! Another plus is you can stay longer and stretch it out to a honeymoon!


Sam Gregory Photography NOLA

Sam Gregory Photography

  1. Keep it small

The people that really want to be there to celebrate with you will make it happen which will be a lot smaller than a wedding back home. This makes the entire experience much more intimate and relaxed. All of your family and friends will really enjoy being able to bond at a different level with everyone. Sanu and I have worked and attended several events and always have a blast at the big weddings because it’s basically a huge turned up party, but I do get sad when I don’t even get a chance to congratulate the couple’s parents or siblings because the event is just way too big to find them or they just have 500+ other people that want to say hello. This gives your immediate family an opportunity to finally meet all of your close friends.



  1. Switch it up

You call the shots! Now that you are changing it up, you can decide what traditions you want to include and really make your wedding unique. Everyone will thank you for all of the memories and no one will forget your wedding!


Destination weddings don’t need to be scary and can be done affordably without uber stress! DoItAll loves traveling to amazing new spots so we are always open to helping you with your destination wedding. We would love to chat with you if you think it would be a good fit for you and your boo! And don’t forget, it’s supposed to be fun! 🙂


Holla at ya girl,