Going Pin Crazy

February 23, 2016

DIA Pinterest


If you’re like most girls, you started using Pinterest and started pinning wedding stuff way before you were engaged. Heck, maybe before you were in a relationship! Now it’s time to use this useful tool for wedding planning but there a few things we need to discuss first:


Don’t overdo it

You can definitely get carried away with Pinterest and spend hours and hours pinning away. Then you look back and you have 50 very different looks of cake styles. If you do have a bunch of the same type of items pinned, that’s ok! Now is time to really narrow it down to what you absolutely LOVE!


Organize your vision

Once you have cleaned up all of the pins and now you are staring at what’s left, now it’s time to get organized. We recommend to either create different boards for the variety of aspects for your wedding like dresses, venues, décor, flowers and so on. Another way to keep it all organized is to move your pins around in your “Wedding Board” so like items are next to each other. Then when you are looking back for inspiration and that image you want to send to your florist or photographer, you can straight to that section. Also, make sure you write detailed notes for each pin so when you go back you know exactly why this pin was chosen


Be realistic

Let’s be real, everything is beautiful on Pinterest. The reality is that some photos you see are staged shoots so they aren’t actual weddings that were lived in and enjoyed. The other reality is things are expensive and DIY is time consuming. Yes, the details are fun and pretty but you have to be realistic about your budget and time. We will talk more about DIY on another post but not everyone has the 6 hours and man/womanpower to paint 100 wine bottles gold glitter!


Keep it private

If you can keep your Pin Boards private, I would do it. All you have to do is click “edit” and make it a “secret” board. Try to keep your wedding details a surprise for as many people as possible for two reasons. For one, it’s always fun to put in all of the work (like maybe those 100 wine bottles) and to showcase it all on the day of. Viola! Secondly, less opinions are always better. It’s just like why you wouldn’t likely bring 15 people to your wedding dress appointments. I definitely shared some details to a few people to get advice and opinions but there is no need to hear how everyone thinks your bridal bouquet should look. Often times people link their Facebook page to their Pinterest so all of your Facebook friends can check out your wedding vision.


I love Pinterest and truly think it has changed the wedding planning game for the good! Be careful to not let it overwhelm you though. Everyone wants to feel like their wedding is unique and special so it can be a great spot to help with ideas! Check out the DoItAll Entertainment Pinterest Board for some inspiration!