Let’s talk money

February 11, 2016




No one wants to bring it up but it must be talked about: the budget. I often times see brides not even thinking about the money they are spending because what’s another $500 in the grand scheme of things. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have that mentality but not everyone has a bottomless pool of money or just wants to be more careful with their wedding expenses. There are a bunch of resources online that will tell you what you should expect to spend on every single aspect and vendor if you do a quick Google search. Check out where you can put in your zip code and all other details for your vision. It will give you an idea of pricing for what you want based on your wedding location.


Here are some numbers according to to kind of give you a starting point:

– Average American wedding: $29,000

– Average Chicago wedding: $50,000

– Average Indian wedding: $65,000


There are so many factors that can affect those numbers to increase or decrease (if you’re so lucky!). I don’t want to go into the nitty gritty of the numbers because you’re smart enough to do research on all that jazz but wanted to talk about a few things I’ve learned from other brides and through my own wedding planning process:

1. Think of a range 

Don’t be so fixated on a number because it’s a lot easier and less stressful to get comfortable with a range. I would say to think that way for your  total budget but also what you want to spend for each vendor. It will put you more at ease when you start doing research on different vendors and realizing how the quality will really change when looking at different price points.

2. More people, more money

I mean this sounds like common sense but it’s so easy to lose control of the guestlist. Once you start adding on your extended family, college friends, work friends, parent’s church friends, parent’s work friends, your siblings friend’s and everyone else you have known you’re entire life, your brain will likely explode! Big weddings are always a fun party but don’t forget that means more food, drinks, desserts, centerpieces and favors.

3. Prioritize

What’s important to you and your fiance? Figure out what are your priorities that you will not budge on and what aspects of your wedding you are a little more flexible on. Think about what you always imagined for your wedding and those pieces focus your energy and money on. Sanu and I wanted an amazing location that would be convenient for everyone to walk and be in the heart of the city so that was the focus of our budget.

4. Don’t get sucked into the black hole!

I’m sure you have been to a bunch of weddings or scrolling through Pinterest (I’ll get into that more in a future post!) taking notes of what you want your dream wedding to be like. You don’t have to do everything that everyone is doing! 1. Your wedding will not be unique and 2. Who said  there is a standard that must be met for weddings?! Do what makes you happy and not because “everyone does it this way”.

5. Get organized

I started tracking our spending from the first expense and I think it really gives you a clear picture of what you spend. Ya, a couple hundred dollars here and there doesn’t feel like much until you have swiped your credit card for those kind of purchases 15 times and you’re staring at  your credit card bill like “what the heck happened?!” We are using this Excel budget sheet and we edited it to suit our needs with having different events and vendors: Free Wedding Budget Worksheet



Don’t lose sight of what a wedding is about and trying to silently compete with your friends to have the most lavish wedding of the year. Be true to yourself and your fiance. Take the finances seriously but not too seriously. For one, everything is a bit more expensive when you say “wedding” to vendors because they want to give you the best service they can offer on the most important day of your life. But two, this is just one day (or an entire weekend) and do you really want to start a marriage in debt when you have your whole lives together?


Give me a call and I can help you out, any budget!


Holla at ya girl,