Dear stressed out brides & grooms part 1

April 17, 2016

So here’s the thing, I am the master of managing a full schedule. I love being busy and do it well. I wanted to write weekly blog posts to teach you all a thing or two about wedding planning but let’s be real, you can google that stuff yourself because you’re smart enough to know how to use the interwebz. I decided another format might be more interesting to learn about this craziness and a possible therapy session for me as I walk through this with you. I want to share my prospective on how this really goes down.


Wedding planning is tough. Professionally it’s a lot of work but it’s all worth it after developing an amazing friendship with the couple, watching them enjoy their day and the big appreciative hugs at the end of the night. Guess what? Planning your own wedding is even harder! Managing your work life, social life and this huge event that takes over 100 hours to plan ain’t no easy task. Let me tell you, I don’t watch much TV or have chill time.


You want to make sure you are making all of the right decisions. After working and attending so many wedding you have a list of things you said you would never do and lookie lookie, somehow now you are doing it all! Making compromises is hard especially when money is involved. I’ve heard plenty of people say “well, they are paying” when referencing something their parents want but you don’t. Yes, you want to respect your parents wishes but I’m a believer in sticking to your guns with things that are important to you!


So here we are on my first major stressor: engagement party. To me that bomb celebration at Yard House after Sanu proposed back in December with all of our awesome people that showed up for us was an engagement party. We just got engaged, let’s party! I never wanted to have a formal engagement party because a wedding is already a huge expense. Here’s when compromising gets tricky. Do I put up a huge fight when both of our parents want it or just give in? Brides, I advise you to plan your compromises wisely! It’s easy to get frustrated and give into all of your parents requests! So my compromise was we do this thing but it’s a small event at a local church and close family get together at my house. I wanted it to be low key and fun. I stuck to my guns! Well kinda lol.


The moment you start wishing this is over its time to reevaluate what this whole shebang is about. It’s about love, bringing two families together and partying!


Holla at ya girl,