Ajit and JD | Patrick C. Haley Mansion | Joliet, IL

June 21, 2016

Love like any other, but greater than most.


We at DoItALL had the distinct honor of performing the ceremonies and reception for two amazing people, Ajit Kalayil and JD Wellman.   This wedding was profoundly close to our hearts for many reasons; one being that this was the first time we got to celebrate for love in all fashions, but also that one of the grooms, Ajit, is a close cousin of mine and one who is unbelievably dear to my heart with a history that began from days in diapers.


We started the day a bit nervous with a forecast of partly cloudy and 70% chance of rain! We had an outside ceremony with indoor reception following shortly afterwards for about 185 people. The Patrick C. Haley Mansion was crazy beautiful, elegant, and it all just felt very organic and classy. Most of the attendants had come for the wedding from all over the country, and some being reunited after many years. The ceremony was very simple, tasteful, and really expressed the commitment for one another for the rest of their lives. Both grooms looked very ‘GQ’ on the elevated archway, as the bridal party mixed of both men’s closest friends and family members.


Once the ceremony finished, the reception started with the wedding party rockin’ it with their entrances to their favorite tracks, then the Grooms entering to ‘Love on Top’ by Beyoncé.  The room, lit up with energy in an amber hue to accentuate the white and gold ambiance. As family and friends expressed their love and support for the celebration of these two amazing men, we watched as the two enjoyed a piece of their wedding cake, and promptly take a seat for the speeches.   We heard words from JD’s older sister, Ajit’s ‘Madame’ of honor, two brothers, and father.  I had the distinct honor of closing the speeches with a few words about my relationship with both grooms, and how important they were to me as well. This was something very special to me as Ajit being someone I knew my whole life, most people knew and understood our relationship, but the best part was that I got to speak on the outstanding character of the man he was marrying, and how JD showed he wanted to be part of this family. I got to speak on the selfless nature of true love that these two individuals had for each other, and that no matter where we choose to find love, we should strive to be selfless towards one and another. I closed the speech with the one and only line I had actually written down, “May you both continue to grow and show what it means to live life, and live happy. Cheers.”


As the night continued and got through the dinner, the formal dances began to kick off the rest of the party.  As both grooms finally embraced each other for their first dance as newlyweds, we gathered everyone to circle around them to show their support and love for Ajit and JD.  The party began after their first dance with ‘Can’t stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake (which was released that week) and the atmosphere really took off to a level of pure excitement. Probably one of the most significant part of the night for me, was the moment after their First Dance, Aji and JD exploded their love for each other to the rhythm of the night, that people stayed in that circle formation a bit longer just to watch them dance and watch how these individuals celebrated their commitment for each other.  They guided the room closer and closer towards them until essentially the party was officially LIT UP! Family and friends engaged themselves the whole night with the newlyweds, sharing their energy with everyone who came to celebrate, and it truly was an intoxicating experience (aside from the open bar ;P).Sanu and myself, of course finished the night doing an impromptu accapela set (like we do for our best clients), and I can tell you honestly that it was probably the best set that Sanu and I have ever done.  Everyone finished the night feeling so grateful for the night and we felt the same.


We can’t even begin to express what a privilege it was to be there for two people of such amazing integrity and character. I can probably write forever on how meaningful the night was, but I will end it with this. Sanu, Timmy and myself have been in the ‘wedding biz’ for a long time, and I think we can both agree that when it comes to things that can possibly go wrong, they typically do.  But that day was probably one of the most perfect weddings we have ever done.  What was supposed to be a high chance of rain, turned to be a clear, beautifully sunny day. What was supposed to be a “controversial gay, interracial marriage”, was one of the most excitingly talked about weddings of the year!  Nobody wanted the night to end, and it shows when people can come together without having to live life through old societal standards, beautiful things can happen when we can just learn to accept that love is love. No matter what.  We at DoItALL just look forward to celebrating love in all fashions for the future to come.  Once again, Thank you to Ajit and JD for allowing DoItALL to be part of your special night.

Until next time.. Holla at your MC when you need an event for everyone to remember!

Shawn Kay

Your DoItALL Dude