Nick and Giselle | Fountain Blue Banquets | June 25th, 2016

September 8, 2016


Small and Simple can still be Grand. I had the pleasure of performing the reception services as a DJ/MC for my good friends, Nick and Giselle. That’s right y’all, MC Shawn Kay was also DJ Shawn Kay that night! This wedding wasn’t our typical occasion of large numbers. It was small, humble, intimate, and full of energy. The room was set for about 125 people comfortably and accented with navy blue and gold elegance.   This was a special, yet big role for me. Not only was this wedding a particular important role for me being the MC AND DJ, but this involved a personal motive for me to do a good job seeing I have known the bride since middle school. As well, the bride hailed from Colombian dissent and was marrying into a predominantly American household, so I had to make sure the energy complimented both cultures. I also had many close, long standing friends at this wedding, so I knew the company well and wanted to make sure this party was PoPPin!

The night began pleasantly. New age cocktail music began as guests entered the room. Friends and loved ones gathered in and I got to introduce myself to many members of the family and guests, and also got to see some friendly faces I’ve known since grade school.  Entrances began promptly at 7:30pm, I got the well-anticipated bridal party lined up for their grand entrances, and everyone was in great spirits. In my experience of doing weddings, especially interracial weddings, there tends to be some tension or bit of separation between wedding parties. But this night was not one of those nights. Family and friends welcomed the respected families and bridal parties with so much energy, the party next door got quiet. The guests knew the love between Nick and Giselle, and both families came in full support with love. Nick and Giselle entered the room to the newly hit track (at the time) ‘Can’t stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake. The room embraced the couple with absolute excitement! The night continued with a pleasant cake cutting, and intimate speeches from family and close friends. Especially one of Nick’s brothers, George, who through his life dealt with difficulties in public situations, shared his love for his brother and new sister-in-law. To be honest, George was probably the most excited to celebrate and turn up the night! George was awesome! The night ran seamlessly and the party went off without a hitch. With a mix of Latin and US hits, old school 90’s jams, and classic party tracks, the dance floor was non stop til the very end and the guests really did not want it to end.


I am so fortunate that Nick and Giselle allowed me to conduct their wedding, and the coming together of their two families from two different worlds. I greatly look forward to seeing their family evolve, and can’t wait to reconnect with the family at their next event!


Until Next Time.. Holla at your DoItALL Dude!


Shawn Kay