On this day Jibu provided all of the above services.  Jibu and I were the MC’s for this event and this was not the first time we worked together.  Jibu is probably the easiest and most professional MC that I have worked with.  As the Wedding Coordinator for this event also he was able to make the families at ease and able to go through the timeline with them before hand and make both families of the event comfortable and relieved any stress they had.  He takes time and his communication skills are top notch.  He made sure he was in communication with the parties involved and replied back to emails/texts/phone calls very promptly.  On this day he arrived early and was able to make sure everything was in place and made sure the clergy and people involved in the wedding was okay with everything.  Honestly this event had a big number of attendees and for him to handle it the way he did says something about his experience and his professionalism.